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SMIRNOFF Black Vodka Price in India

Alcohol/Vodka/     15-10-2012      2017 Views
  • SMIRNOFF Black Vodka Price in India
Price: 1500 INR

This vodka is as pure, clear and smooth as the vodka that has made Smirnoff the world’s best selling brand, but it also has a unique “silken” feel, with rich and mellow undertones. This vodka is to be sipped and savoured. To taste it is to know why the Czars and nobility of Old Russia always enjoyed their vodka straight. Smirnoff Black honours the return of Smirnoff to Russia where they were purveyors to the Imperial Russian Court. Made traditionally, it is slowly distilled and then filtered through Siberian Silver Birch charcoal to create a uniquely smooth and mellow vodka, best savoured neat and frozen.

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