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Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review

Bike/Kawasaki/     06-05-2013      1099 Views
  • Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review
  • Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review

We take the new Kawasaki Ninja 300 for a spin to find out how much better it has really gotten compared to its predecessor

Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review

Always the one to banish trends or tradition, Kawasaki has been at the helm of motorcycle madness ever since the bike-maker came into being. The Japanese giant has handed us innumerable machines which have broken conventionalism and shattered conservative beliefs in the motorcycle business with the likes of the iconic H1 Mach III or then the much modern yet equally hooligan 636! Kawasaki is back at the game again this time with the all-new Kawasaki Ninja 300. As the world moves towards all-out street motorcycles like the Honda CBR250R, the Suzuki Inazuma, the KTM Duke to name a few and their styling too is more for the street than anything that has to do with race machines. And Kawasaki has cashed in on this very spot left open with the new Ninja 300 – bringing supersports-like aggressive styling disguising a potent street motorcycle.

Already an icon by itself, the Ninja 250R has long been holding the crown in the quarter litre class with its big-bike appeal matched with a strong motor, ease of riding and low ownership costs. With such strong credentials, it was indeed a dangerous task for Kawasaki to rebuild an all-new machine without losing the ethos of the Ninja 250R which have successfully stood the test of time. But then again it is probably onlyKawasaki amongst the four Japanese biggies who can take this challenge and own up to it like no other and deliver a smashing new motorcycle like the Ninja 300, which not only uplifts the laidback spirit of its predecessor but takes a step ahead to show the rivals how it’s done.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review

Re-writing the code of conduct amongst quarter-litre brigade, the new Ninja 300 is loud and belligerent in its character unlike the sports-touring and comfort-oriented approach of the earlier Ninja 250R. The new machine borrows design cues straight from Kawasaki’s flagship Ninja machines the ZX-6R and the ZX-10R. Cool to the bone and charming in its poise, styling on the Ninja 300 is clearly a leap towards sports side of things in the 200-400cc market borrowing Kawasaki’s “mass-forward, minimalist-tail” design language from the bigger Ninja machines.

Flared bodywork with sharp edges is fancy yet functional. For instance, the aerodynamic bodywork not only helps in better top-speed gains but underneath the fairing there is a reworked radiator cowl which prevents the hot air away from reaching the rider’s legs. Similarly, the new dual multi-reflector headlights carry forward the Ninja’s race-bike design genes but at the same time provide extremely good illumination for street as well.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 : Road Test Review

Swing a leg over the Ninja 300 and its hostile demeanour is even more apparent as the large tachometer upfront hogs all the attention with its 13,000rpm redline screaming ‘bring it on’ straight in your face. As one grasps the handlebars, it is easy to notice there is something strange about the ergonomics on the Ninja 300. No, not the addition of a ‘pass’ button (finally!). It is the riding posture. Neither is it fully committed as found in an all-out racing motorcycle nor does it feel utterly laidback and lazy as the Ninja 250R. The ergonomics on the Ninja 300 are somewhere in between the two and doesn’t feel quite right the first instance one mounts the saddle.

But it is only a matter of time before one cranks the fuel injected 296cc, liquid-cooled, parallel twin cylinder DOHC motor of the Ninja and takes to the roads to understand how the riding position actually helps. Unlike the Ninja 250R, the 300 offers sportier seating posture but the raised two-piece handlebars make for a comfortable grip on the motorcycle without requiring the rider to be curled up in a race-bike riding stance. And that gives the Ninja 300 a very solid sports-touring advantage but without having to look dull or boring.

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