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Haywards Black Beer Retail Price In India

Alcohol/Beer/     11-10-2012      1491 Views
  • Haywards Black Beer Retail Price In India
  • Haywards Black Beer Retail Price In India Haywards Black Beer Retail Price In India
Price: 47 INR

Haywards Black India’s first genuine stout beer , is handcrafted from a rich blend of the world famous Caledon valley dark roasted barley malt along with a blend of imported and locally produced pale malts. New Zealand’s super alpha hops give Haywards Black a unique and pleasantly bitter taste with a hop like aroma. The Dark Roasted malt provides a rich dark colouring along with a unique smoky taste and aroma. The Slow brewing process which incorporates specially managed yeast creates the creamy head and the rich smooth taste that stout is so much loved for.

Haywards Black is brewed under the special care of renowned brew masters with many years of brewing expertise and rich experience from the SABMiller stable , One of the largest brewing companies in the world with a brewing heritage of over a hundred years.

Country of origin :

Beer type :

Alcohol content by volume :
< 8% by volume

Carbohydrates :

Taste :
Rich Foam with a thick texture, strong flavour and full satisfying taste with a hint of caramel

Malts :
Black Malt roasted in a coffee drum

Hops :
New Zealands Super alpha hops to balance the sweetness

Colour :

Availability :
Select markets of India

Fermentation process :

Serving temperature :
4 °C

Packaging :
650 ml and 330 ml glass bottle

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